Apollo Camp Cheers for Artemis … Wii Remote Controled Light Saber

Apollo Camp was held at Adobe’s offices in San Francisco today. Sean Christmann, from effectiveUI, showcased a way to connect Apollo applications to a local install of the Java Runtime. The video below shows how the effectiveUI team connected a Wii remote to an Apollo “Star Wars” game.

The practical applications for Artemis could be communicating to connected USB or BlueTooth devices, creating and storing to a local database, and offloading complex data parsing and calculations to the OS.

you can see more info on Artemis at


or read more on Ryan Stewart’s Blog:

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  1. Tizisa said:

    I’ve a problem with Artemis. When I close my AIR application, socket with framework stay opened. So java on the server requires 100% of CPU. How can I solve this problem?
    Another question: how can I run Artemis bridge as a service?

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