RIA Discussion @ AJAX World

I’m speaking at AJAX world this morning on RIAs. I’m asking the audience to challenge me here on my blog once the keynote is done… 

Question: Who the hell goes to a keynote @ 7:30 in the morning?? 


  1. Jimmy Flink said:

    I was! Mostly because of the time difference between Stockholm and New York – it helped a lot!

    It was a great presentation, I think the entire usability community agree with you on everything, but unfortunately a lot of developers still think THEY are the typical user…

    BTW – somebody teached my mum how to download music from the Internet. Prooving that even very unexperienced users are eager to learn if they gain a lot from their investment.

  2. I like the talk, but I am not sure I agree that a talk at a conference should contain as many negative comments about work done by others. Design should meet business goals, and sometimes not every company can afford endless iterations to make things perfect. But, this is how most large businesses operate. You do what you can to improve, and you do it in chunks. Rome wasn’t built in a day. You should tone down the negativity. Your company does some decent design work, but you can’t say that you are flawless or everything you do is perfect either. Didn’t you design Discovery Channel’s Earth software?

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