A few great new articles on the UIRC

RIAs Can Provide Complex Functionality on the Desktop
Adobe AIR, Curl, Google Gears and Mozilla Prism all offer off-line desktop like functionality combined with RIA technology. Do these technologies represent a new kind of client platform?


Removing the Noise: How to eliminate unnecessary distractions from projects
– The EffectiveUI Project Management Team
The EffectiveUI team of project managers compiled this list of quick ideas that will help any team increase its productivity.


Easy Lookup is the Secret Sauce for Large-Scale Database App
Learn how Nitobi’s ComboBox allowed users to quickly search thousands of records in Counterpoint Systems’ online database.


How Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) Increase Brand Value
–Me :)
Your corporate brand is more than just your logo or your jingle. Your brand is also the emotion raised when someone thinks about your company. In this article from Business Trends Quarterly, Franco explains how a well-designed RIA entices people do your brand.


RIA Penetration in the Enterprise
Ron Rogowski from Forrester Research, and Richard Monson-Haefel and Richard Treadway from Curl, discuss RIA technology such as AJAX, Flex, Silverlight and Curl and their level of penetration in the enterprise.
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  1. Hi Anthony,

    Everytime I visit UIRC, it has great content.. any particular reason why you guys don’t have an RSS feed for it? It’d be very helpful if you could add one.


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