User Experience Now Available Off The Shelf


UX In A Box

UX In A Box


I’m proud to announce that effectiveui has just launched Effective User Experience. Now available for immediate purchase. No need to worry about costly designers or time consuming usability testing. You don’t even need to reach out and listen to your pesky customers! Now, for one low price, you can install Effective User Experience and watch your conversions skyrocket, your employes kiss their computers, and your profits soar…

Act now because for a limited time only, we will throw in our Web 2.0 Expansion Kit at no additional charge! That’s right, you can engage your users with the new “Social Web” with exciting options like FaceBook, MySpace and AJAX – The Internets have never been so easy!

Just Listen to Our Customers:

I’ve been using Effective User Experience for the last three months. I can’t believe how successful the software has made me. My boss loves me, our customers are raving, and it was all installed with a simple, one step process for just a few bucks!  – Eugene Puckfarkner, ABQ Corp

I convinced my CEO to buy Effective User Experience for our employees and we’ve seen an instant gain in productivity. How did we ever live without this unique product? – Edward Throckmorton, Widget Manufacturing 

We are so convinced that you will love Effective User Experience that we are offering a money back guarantee. if you are not 100% completely satisfied, just return the box and we will promptly send you a full refund..

  1. uxarchitecture said:

    Can I trade in my old heuristics for a discount?

  2. I think I will wait for the 1.01 version and for the “code clean up” button to be implemented. The Marketing Dept. probably rushed this version out to meet their deadlines.

  3. uxarchitecture :

    I am sorry, but we do not take trade ins on Heuristics. Nor do we take them on Ethnographics, Experience Maps, Vision Demos, Personas, or any other UX deliverables – The good news is that you will never have to spend a dime again on those things – with Effective User Experience, you just set it, and forget it…

  4. Where can I find more info on this – I don’t see a link.

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