Blogo – Great little application for posting blogs and tweets

Short Plug:

Juan Sanchez just turned me on to a Mac utility, Blogo. It allows me to easily post to various blogs and to update Twitter – It’s a little expensive ($25), so not for the blogger on a budget, but I find it much faster to write using this app than using the “rich” editor in wordpress (and it allows you to drag and drop images from your desktop right into the post)

There’s support for WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, Typo, Drupal, Expression Engine, Twitter, etc… There’s also a “Microblog” viewer that allows me to follow Twitter (I find that it launches MUCH faster than Twitterific)

I’ve written this post (and my last 2) using it – there are a few bugs with the editor, but its really a pretty handy tool – Thanks Juan!

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