Amazon VS Google – digital books are coming to a device near you

At almost exactly the same time today, Google and Amazon release details of their digital book strategy.

Google announced they are putting 1.5 million books, all who’s copyrights have expired, on Android and iPhone applications:

“Coincidentally”, photos were leaked on the new Amazon Kindle, due to launch tomorrow:

I have a friend with a first generation Kindle – I will tell you that the pictures do not do the device justice. The electronic ink technology they use is stellar, great readability even in bright light situations – In contrast, I don’t see myself reading novels on my iPhone or on any devise that fits in the palm of my hand – its just simply not usable…

That said,  John Blanco (a developer I work with at EffectiveUI) noted an undeniable truth about the new Kindle:

Much, much sleeker…but, in the end, it’s still lacking the soul of a book. I just can’t do it.



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  1. Apple,Google,Microsoft and Amazon which earlier used to compete in separate technology segments are now competing head to head with each other in Smartphones,Digital Ebooks,SAAS,Music Players etc. You can see the technology consolidation around these 5-10 major technology behemoths which are now straddling large parts of the the technology spectrum

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