Apple’s iPhone 3Gs will Change Your Life

It is quite nice working for a company that is constantly adopting new technologies. I can justify purchases of new gadgets to myself saying “its for research, after all I’m in the biz” :D One of my favorite gadgets of course is the iPhone.

I went out and bought a first gen iPhone 3 days after launch. I would not go so far as to say the first iPhone I bought changed my life, but it did considerably change how I used a device. Before the iPhone, I owned every other smart phone; Treo, Blackberry, Nokia 9100, Palm, sidekick. All of these devices just wound up being a big bulky phone. I never really used the “smart” features because they were inconvenient. But the iPhone was different. It had less features, but all of the things it could do I found extremely useful. Mail, TXT, Maps, Stocks, Camera, ipod, Calendar, Safari, Weather, and my favorite feature of all time, visual voicemail.

Then the 3G iPhone I bought last year made improvements, but they were honestly moderate at best. As a user, I could care less about the 2.0 SDK (but as a software services company, we LOVED the new busines opportunities the SDK brought us). The app store was introduced, but the applications offered were more novelty than really useful. Even today, I own probably 50 apps from the store and i still use the native applications 99% of the time on my device.

Yesterday, I bought the 3Gs (32gig, black). I instantly noticed that performance significantly improved. But my old iPhone’s performance was not half bad, so I really didn’t care about it. I played with voice control, I can see how useful it will become for me, but certainly not life changing. Then, I played with the camera. All I can say is WOW ! The quality of the 3 megapixel pictures and the video is jut awesome. Don’t get me wrong, my sony camcorder and canon camera produced MUCH better quality, but they mostly sit on a shelf at home. I don’t use them because they are inconvenient. (That’s the second time I said that, maybe I’m just really lazy).

I can’t tell you how many times I thought to myself “I wish I had my video camera right now”; and I’ve thought that in my personal and professional life. Often times at work, something special is happening in a workshop or strategy session where I wished i could have captured the moment. And there are countless times that is true with my two daughters at home. This new device allows me to capture those moments ad-hoc. That is life changing for me. I have one device that will always be with me and it acts as my personal assistant, my communications device, my information portal, entertainment & content management hub, and now will serve as my documentarian. Best of all, the features and the software are all elegantly designed. Everything about the iPhone is engaging & useful.

It is VERY rare in life that I am satisfied with technology. My dissatisfaction is the primary reason why I started EffectiveUI in the first place, to help fill the gap I saw between what people wanted from technology and what businesses were actually building. The folks at Apple have done an amazing job at respecting all of our desires for technology that “just works” – I’m in awe Apple, well done…

[Minor Update and Rant]
Just found out that AT&T no longer includes SMS with the iPhone data plans- the folks at the AT&T store failed to tell me. SMS just was turned off on my account with no notice. I missed several important messages. AT&T’s lack of customer focus can damage consumers’ impressions of Apple…

  1. zorkor said:

    I disagree that iPhone has been a life changing for people, It might be one for you but I don’t see it this way for majority of the people. I see it more as a toy then something serious.

  2. Anonymous said:

    Hey Zokor: Where do you get your information that the iPhone is a just a “toy” for most people? The iPhone has been life changing for me…the fact that this “toy” has integrated so many functions into one portable device and does it so elegantly is disturbing to the old school of smartphone users. I use mine constantly for business, and find new ways to integrate it every day. Have you ever tried using one?

  3. Anonymous said:

    iPhone is a life changing technology for most reasonably smart or better people, a fact Apple haters (many) will deny with all their sincerity.

  4. designplanner said:

    Definitely iPhone has changed our life. but some in negative ways like the users are wasting their time to play and search stupid games and applications. ( Of course there are valuable apps tho.)

  5. zorkor said:

    Asking me this question like “have you tried iPhone” is a silly one to ask, isnt it?
    Of course I tried it. I tried iPhone, iPod touch, Macbook Air, Mac OSX and even the puny iPod shuffle. and let me say this, all Apple products are just toys, you cannot do anything serious with them other than showing off to your friends that you have an Apple product.

    I dont see this as life changing, I see other phone manufacturers doing a way better job than Apple which has nothing but a flashy OS thrown in a phone which cant even copy or paste something till now…

    There goes your argument of life changing phone.

  6. I do not enjoy participating in evangelical rants about technology platforms – I even debated deleting zorkor’s response because it is nonsensical. I know many business executives (including myself) that use the iPhone everyday – and for far more than playing games. You can say all you want about other devices having better features, there is no other device that has seen the adoption that the iPhone has. The debate is OVER (and has been for quite a while) on Apple’s ability to create hardware and software that people want and demand.

    There is no room in the technology business anymore for people like you to complain about features over user adoption. User adoption is now king, there is no other measuring stick for software quality.

  7. Anonymous said:

    Hey Zokor, what do you do for a job, anyway?

  8. zorkor said:


    If you cant put out the fire, then dont start it. Oh, by the way, I am an IT professional and been a tech geek for over 20 years. I know what I am saying.

  9. James Jeffery said:

    Before I was using the iPhone I had the N95. All I can say is noting compares to the iPhone. The apps on the iPhone blow all those crappy Java apps out of the water.

  10. The iPhone is a life changer for many, a game changer definitely. All other manufacturers took notice when this “newbie” company decided to release their *first* phone. They tried to play it off, pretend that it wasn’t going to present a problem, but just copied it in the end.

    This is not a “toy”, the iPhone is a revolution – it is a mobile computer with amazing sensors and touch capability which happens to be disguised as a phone. Open up your eyes and see how the industry is changing simply because of this *single* device. Also note the new ways the hardware allows us to interact with the software – all on a commercial scale, not in a lab.

    Just because you’re “in the industry” doesn’t prove your argument, actually I think it hinders it. Tech people understand technology, but typically don’t understand human nature and the needs of non-technical people. This is one reason why other devices fail when those from Apple succeed, Apple’s are engineered with “people” in mind. It’s *impossible* to create a product that everyone likes and you are right that Apple’s are not for you, but then you are not in the market Apple is after.

    To like or dislike Apple’s products is personal taste, but to see them as “toys” is just plain blindness. One only needs to glance at the mind-blowing sales figures or comprehend how well known this phone is around the entire world to get a glimpse of its impact and how well Apple has hit their target.

    I’ve been in tech for 20+ years, too. However, I also understand the needs of non-tech people. Thus I know what I am saying. :)

  11. Kreg said:

    I would like the iPhone to change my life. Sadly, iPhones aren’t distributed in my country. Well, you can get a cracked device brought by some guy from the USA, but it won’t have any warranty and it’d be way too expensive to maintain such a device.

  12. Dennis said:

    Hey Anthony, Its blog posts, such as your that make me want to leave my sprint network for a iphone. the last thing that i saw that really impressed me was a video of a band recording a demo song using there iphones. it was really impressive and although i would never need to use that feature, it just makes it cool to have.

  13. nick said:

    Pretty cool post. I just came by your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your posts.

    Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon!

  14. Ahmed said:

    I’m getting the phone on the 24th May 2010, next Monday. Those who are interested please name your price immediately!

  15. no..iphone 3gs not change my life..

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