The curse of marketing buzzwords

Found this funny interactive agency description on an internets today, I removed the agency name to protect the guilty

XYZ offers interactive services across strategy, ideation and professional services delivery. Built on enterprise methodologies and rooted in entrepreneurial spirit, XYZ has focused on web 2.0’s strategic transition from cutting-edge niche to monetized enterprise initiatives with social networking architectures and features, and the creation of distributed media (content outside the website). We specialize in affiliate and integrated initiatives for organizations in early stage or reinvention.

I’ll be talking a bit about the curse of buzzwords at my Adobe Max Session on Tuesday at 1:30 (twitter tag #adobemax213) – hope to see you there!

( I’d include a link to the session, but I could not find a way to link to my session in the Adobe session viewer :(

  1. Kalle Mange said:

    It’s always fun with people saying one thing and doing something different. I wonder if they get a lot of customers fron that copy? Perhaps it has reached their attention and can do something about it. The power of ths social web.
    Thanks for a fun post.

  2. Wow…I do marketing for a living and that was even hard for me to follow. LOL Overkill…

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