Qwest and Herff Jones make CIO Top 100

Congrats to our team and our good friends at Qwest for making CIO Magazine’s Top 100 IT Projects list of 2009.

Excerpt from the online article at both InfoWorld and CIO Magazine:

Qwest Communications www.qwest.com/business Web Portal Project lead: Rick Wertheimer, Program Manager; Betsy Keyes, Director of eMarketing Project description: Qwest, in partnership with EffectiveUI, consolidated 12 portals pulling data from more than 100 legacy systems into a unified online hub for large business customers Industry: Service provider

This makes the second time an EffectiveUI client has made a CIO top 100 list. Herff Jones made their CIO top 100 Company a couple months ago:

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The yearbook publisher developed eDesign, a rich internet application that allows students and teachers to plan, design and manage their yearbooks using a browser. The tool automates the page submission process, lowering yearbook processing times and increasing factory capabilities during the busiest seasons. The company says eDesign has increased online customer orders more than 500 percent, improving its position against competitors within the yearbook market.


It is truthfully an honor to be working with such innovative enterprises. Glad to see they are getting recognized for it

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