Predictions on the new Apple Tablet

I thought I’d have a little fun predicting what Apple will be announcing on Wednesday.

Apple will preview OS 10.7, it will feature:

  • the once code-named “Marble Interface”
  • be more oriented to gesture based interactivity
  • snow-leopard was almost a complete rewrite, no big new features. 10.7 will be focused on “sexy” new features that were left out of snow-leopard

Apple will preview iPhone OS 4.0 It will include:

  • some modified or light version of multi-threading
  • a new home page (look for some unique coolness here)
  • something new for peer-to-peer iPhone communication
  • better 3rd party device support
  • No Flash
  • Google will not be the default search engine
  • a newer way to more easily write web-based applications (HTML 5 on steroids)

Apple will then announce a tablet, they will call it iPad. The iPad will feature:

  • 10.1″ LCD Touch Screen
  • 1/2″ think
  • 4 buttons
  • 2 doc connectors
  • Forward facing, 5megapixel camera
  • WiFi and 3G connectivity,  Verizon and ATT to offer subsidized pricing
  • No Flash support
  • 6 hour battery life for reading, 4 hour battery life for video
  • super fast ARM processor running something closer to the iPhone OS versus Snow Leopard
  • all AppStore applications should work on the device with little to no modification
  • 3D interface, something we’ve never seen before
  • Features focused on entertainment/games, publishing/books, video, communication, and social networking. We may even see some demo apps running in these categories
  • 2 flavors: $700 for 64gig, $900 for 128gig (prices are before carrier discounts)
  • iWork integration
  • Content Partners announced: Harper Collins, Time, New York Times, Random House, and Conde Nast, and every major content provider already on iTunes

I also believe Apple will hint at things to come. For example, new ways that advertisers might be able to subsidize the costs of these devices. Additionally, they will show ways the iphone, 10.7, and the iPad all work together in ways we never thought possible.

Always fun to speculate, lets see if I’m right on any of this :)

  1. JesterXL said:

    iPad == lolcano! No wai are they calling it the iPad, that has perverted connotations and is WAYYY to easy to make fun of. Other than that, great predictations!

  2. I disagree with the first two. At least the timing of those announcements. They’ll wait until WWDS to announce those. But I agree with @JesterXL. I think it’ll be marketed as part of the iPod line. iPod Tablet or iPod Slate. You get the idea.

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