You are a bunch of elitist design snobs

Last night we held an incredible event at the IxDA conference. An opening party that included 2 DJs, a experimental digital marching band, a local band called Snake Rattle Rattle Snake, an open bar, and catering by the Top Chef winner. It was the best conference party I have ever been to.

I was asked to introduce the band, and I decided to say something about the state of user experience design to the group:

You are a bunch of elitist design snobs that only care about pretty pictures and fancy documents. When it’s all said and done, the world really does not care about design.

That’s what they were saying about all us five years ago. But over the last five years we have changed businesses, disrupted entire industries, revolutionized countries, and are transforming the world.

The nay-sayers have mistaken our passion for foolishness, our righteousness for arrogance, and our empathy for weakness. They wanted us to conform to the way things have always been. To comply with decades old processes that produced crappy software
People now know us as problem solvers, but that’s a half truth.
Yes, we solve problems. But more importantly, we effectively communicate the solutions…What we do is actually is one of the only true forms of practicing innovation.
Believe that what we do matters,
We are changing the world..

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