iPad 3 / Apple TV Predictions

I just heard about the site that is taking bets on what Apple is planning on announcing next week – it inspired me to make a few predictions on my own (note that I am not placing bets though)


  • It will be called the iPad 3 (not the 2s)
  • Will have a “retina display”
  • 12 megapixel camera
  • Offered in 32, 64, and 128 gig models
  • Battery life will be increased by 50%
  • New processor “system on a chip”
  • new iOS release with better integration with iCloud
  • better “touch” capabilities (think finer input for drawing more fine details on the higher resolution display)
  • same form factor, no major changes in the physical design
  • new covers, available in 6 colors

Apple TV

  • New set-top box, an upgrade to the existing offering
  • new “Apple TV app store”
  • iOS version to better batch iPhone and iPad
  • Microphone for Siri input
  • 1080p
  • no announcement on an actual physical television
  • New iOS remote app
  • FaceTime camera ore input for a web-cam
  1. Sounds about right.

    I think the Camera upgrade will be more for the front cam – FaceTime HD than the rear facing. Regarding thickness, I think the back case will be slightly thicker but the glass slightly thinner for an overal thickness nearly identical. I think your battery estimates are overly optimistic. Also, I would add LTE capability with world band modem so no need for separate VZ / AT&T versions. Last thing, I think storage stays the same unless they increase the starting price.

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