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Kint M:
11:02:20 PM
Welcome to the Microsoft Answer Desk!
My name is Kint and how may I help you today?
11:02:26 PM
I have just purchased Windows 8.1 download edition
but, I can’t download it – the download link gives me an EXE file and not the ISO file for Windows 8.1
I don’t have a PC with windows running in order to run the exe file
Kint M:
11:03:49 PM
That’s a very tough situation to be in. Let’s work together to turn this around immediately.
May I have your full name, email address and phone number please? It is for my documentation.
11:04:04 PM
Anthony Franco
Kint M:
11:04:51 PM
Thank you Anthony.
May I know what operating system you are currently using? Is it MAC?
11:05:14 PM
yes, mac
I want to install windows on bootcamp
Kint M:
11:05:56 PM
I see.
For you to be able to download the ISO file for Windows 8, you will really need to download it using a computer that is running Windows.
You may need to ask someone you know that are using Windows computer Anthony.
11:07:13 PM
I want a refund
Kint M:
11:08:23 PM
May I know why you want a refund Anthony?
11:08:53 PM
In order for me to use your product, I need to have a copy of your product to use it
do you understand the irony in that ?
I don’t want to support a company that makes it this difficult to buy from them
are you still there ?
Kint M:
11:11:07 PM
Yes I’m still here.
11:11:10 PM
your website is now giving me errors that i’m not signed in anymore
Kint M:
11:12:28 PM
I understand where you are coming from Anthony.
How about this, purchasing the back up disc for Windows 8.
11:13:42 PM
so, make another purchase and wait for it to arrive in the mail ?
Kint M:
11:14:19 PM
Yes Anthony. approximately for about 5 to 10 business days.
11:14:48 PM
that is not an acceptable solution
Kint M:
11:15:59 PM
Alright Anthony, for the refund, It is best that you contact our Microsoft store.
I can provide you there contact information.
11:16:25 PM
Kint M:
11:16:30 PM
You can reach them at this number 1-877-696-7786 .
Thank you for contacting Microsoft Answer Desk. Have a good day!
Your Answer Tech has ended your chat session. Thanks for visiting Answer Desk.


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