Apple’s Next Big Announcements

I don’t try to hide it – I’m fairly vested and a true believer in Apple’s products and business philosophy. Every once and a while I try and predict what they will reveal next. (here, here, and here are examples)

This is a bit early for me as Apple’s announcements aren;t expected until September – but I think I have enough data to make some good guesses as to what is next…

iPhone 6

  • Offered in 2, larger sizes as compared to the 5s –  4.7″ and 5.5″ ( this is nearly a lock )
  • Thinner than 5s
  • Apple will launch both with immediate availability and will not have initial supply issues
  • New haptic feedback (dynamic vibrations based on what you are touching on the screen)
  • Processor upgrade
  • Touch ID improvements
  • Sapphire Glass
  • Available in the same 3 colors as the 5s
  • Thinner
  • Modest battery improvements, larger battery improvements will be attributed to iOS8
  • $100 and $200 price increase for the models from the 5s
  • Drastic camera improvements
  • Water resistant
  • New, faster A8 processor
  • No major industrial design changes outside of size

iPhone, older models

  • 5s price will drop $100
  • iPhone 4 goes to “free” on contract


  • Touch ID
  • Camera improvements
  • Inclusion of M7 chip

Mac lineup

  • Apple will talk about “amazing adoption” of the new mac pro
  • Modest improvements to MacBook Air and MacBook Pro
  • iMacs will have modest improvements

Apple TV

  • Major announcements here, mostly software related
  • Apple TV store
  • Totally redesigned UI – tighter integration with iOS for gaming
  • A8 Processor
  • 1080p video gaming will be heavily showcased, showing off graphs comparable to serious console games
  • iBeacon receiver to associate individual’s “home presence”
  • Will act as a HomeKit hub
  • Announcement of a partnership with major content providers to stream media


As much as I would like to see an iWatch this year, I’m very skeptical that Apple will announce the launch of an iWatch The most we may see is a sneak peak of something they will launch mid-next year. We haven’t seen any leaks of hardware on the device, nor does it appear that Apple is finished making key executive hires for the wearables team. My bet is that Apple is taking its time on the launch to get the function (a ton of health sensors and long battery life), as well as the fashion (women’s and men’s styles), perfect. However, I believe the iWatch will have:

  • Sensors for heartbeat, glucose, and motion
  • A somewhat flexible graphene or sapphire glass display
  • Easy to customize bands
  • 4 day battery life with normal use
  • Wireless charging (perhaps even solar cells in the display)
  • Waterproof to 20M
  • Companion only to another iOS device (not a stand-alone device)
  • Integrated with HomeKit
  • Priced in many variations from $400 to $4,000



Given Samsung’s recent plateau in the mobile space, I believe they will see a dramatic decline in their market share once Apple articulates their iOS ecosystem in September. Apple’s focus on device and software integration will prove to be at least a decade ahead of any competition.


Now, if i can only get a preferred spot in the Cherry Creek Mall Apple Store line, I’ll be all set.


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