You Don’t Need a UX Person … Yet

A supplemental resource to my talk for startup entrepreneurs  “You Don’t Need A UX Person, Yet”

Design Basics

The Grid

The Golden Ratio


Color Theory

Basic Information Architecture

Conducting Research

Beginner’s Guide

UX Research Methodology

How to ask good questions

Designing Tools

Adobe Color 

Frontify Brand Guidelines

Wire Framing Tools

As I mention in my talk, I suggest using Twitter’s Bootstrap Components as the basis for your wire framing exercises. This doesn’t mean you have to use the components in your code, but this library is ideal for getting UI concepts across

Graphic Libraries

PowerPoint or Keynote

Fireworks or Photoshop



Software ( $9 / month )  ( $29 / month )  ( $16/month ) ( $79 download ) ( $15 / month ) ( for user flows – $6/ month)

Even More Tools Here

Design Inspiration

Future Interface

CSS Design Awards


More Good Reading

8 Guidelines 

Attack the Front

Hacking UI

UX Apprentice

Paul Rand, Retrospective



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