A good article by Elizabeth Montalbanco of IDG News Service was picked up by InforWorld:

She discusses how Adobe is becoming a “major player” in the platform market:”Over its 25 years, Adobe — a company known less for its dazzle than its dependability — has quietly turned itself into a multibillion-dollar software vendor on the strength of technologies that have become essential to computer users. Creative professionals would be lost without the graphic-design tools Photoshop and Illustrator, and Adobe Acrobat and PDF have made it easy for everyone to share documents cross-platform.But with its acquisition of Macromedia two years ago, Adobe also took on another role — as pioneer of providing a next-generation platform for developing rich Internet applications. RIAs, as they’re called, provide more intuitive and multimedia-rich user experiences on the Web than typical client/server or desktop applications, and are now in high demand as users expect more from their multimedia Web experiences with the rise in popularity of sites like YouTube and Facebook.” 

Disclaimer: I was interviewed for this article, so my opinion should be taken with a grain of salt :)

EffectiveUI is looking for several very unique individuals. If you have the passion, humility and intellect to produce the best rich Internet applications for the worlds largest brands, email me at “jobs @ effectiveui . com” and we’ll get back to you quickly:

  • Senior Flex Architect – Lead a development team from architecture through deployment. You also gotta love to roll up your sleeves and “get stuff done”! We only hire the top 2% of all RIA developers, so come prepared for a tough interview :)
  •  Experience Architect – Help our clients define how a project gets started and executed. This multi-disciplined role requires you to help strategize with our clients on system architecture, RIA best practices, and exceptional usability. Think of this position as a technology savvy product manager. 
  •  Training Manager / Community Evangelist – Define how the next generation of developers “make the grade”. This role primarily requires a deep knowledge of Flex, but will quickly grow into other technology disciplines. You will need to teach and speak in front of small to large groups of people, do a little travel, and to run our Flash & Flex User Group here in Denver.  

– Anthony

Creating great UIs for clients [podtech content=]Creating Killer UIs[podtech content=]Beneath great user experiences[podtech content=]

EffectiveUI and Adobe are cosponsoring a rich Internet application event on May 3rd in Denver.

The event, titled “Unleashing the Power of Rich Internet Applications” will have an unusual “Business” spin to it. Instead of targeting developers, the event is specifically designed for managers, directors, and executives. It will not be a “roll up your sleeves and start coding” type of event, but rather a “understand how RIAs impact business” event.

The presenters include:
Ron Rogowski, Senior Analyst from Forrester
Mitch Green, Director Platform Application Strategy at Adobe
Alan Lewis, Technology Evangelist at eBay
Ryan Stewart, RIA ZDNet Writer & Blogger
Anthony Franco, me :)

Okay, here’s the best part… the event is FREE for those who register. More information, and registration links can be found here:

Hope to see you there !!!

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Apollo Camp was held at Adobe’s offices in San Francisco today. Sean Christmann, from effectiveUI, showcased a way to connect Apollo applications to a local install of the Java Runtime. The video below shows how the effectiveUI team connected a Wii remote to an Apollo “Star Wars” game.

The practical applications for Artemis could be communicating to connected USB or BlueTooth devices, creating and storing to a local database, and offloading complex data parsing and calculations to the OS.

you can see more info on Artemis at

or read more on Ryan Stewart’s Blog:

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