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Over the last four years, I have been incredibly fortunate to watch our company grow from Andy, Drew, and myself to more than 100 people. It’s been a tough but exciting road… “bootstrapping” has had its challenges for sure. During our crazy growth, we have always left our CEO position open, always knowing someday we would find the perfect individual to take our humble design and development company to the next level.

A series of very fortunate events has helped us find not one, but two people that have the vision and drive to compliment our passion for excellence and understand the importance of our company culture.

Peyton Lindley

Peyton will be taking on the title of executive director of UX design and technology. Peyton has an uncompromising passion for quality. He has led, as our director of user experience design, some strategic engagements for us all the while mentoring the design and development teams. Peyton and I will work closely together to ensure our clients are wowed with every interaction they have with our team. 

Rebecca Flavin

I am very pleased to announce Rebecca will take on the challenges of chief executive officer. Rebecca is the most disciplined, hard working individual I have ever met. Internally she acts as a mentor for our sales, marketing and account management teams. Externally, she is laser focused on client satisfaction. Before Rebecca took on her role as CEO, she was in charge of our branding and marketing initiatives (and IMHO has done a lot to help get the word out about our incredible team and clients).  I have learned a lot from her and truly value her friendship –  I just hope I can keep pace as she pulls all of us to new heights…

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If you know either Peyton or Rebecca, please shoot them a quick email congratulating them for their new positions, they have earned it!

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