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The UIRC posted a great interview this week. Kent Seki was the Visualization and HUD Supervisor for Iron Man.  I loved the futuristic interfaces for Iron Man I put them right up there with the UIs from

Minority Report:

and The Island:


For Ironman , Kent really needed to make UIs that were credible, realistic and modern in order to establish the main character’s identity. The Article really does a great job of giving us some insight to the challenges that were presented to him, and Kent’s creative process that addressed those challenges…

Catch the article here:


Another noteworthy article released this week was with Kim Lennox from Adaptive Path.  She discusses designing for exceptional mobile UIs:

Can “Usability” actually be a hobby … kinda is for me. I figured that there are some folks out there with a passion for good user experiences. Like them, when I visit a website, use software, or even enter a retail store, I get very frustrated when it is obvious the company “does not care for me”… after all, isn’t focusing on good usability and customer engagement simply caring about your customers? is designed to give the frustrated user experience evangelist a forum to rant, vent, complain and poke fun at companies that just simply “don’t quite get it”. The site is a bit of an experiment; took only 2 days to get up and running (the current joke on the site it that it is itself, not very usable… yet).


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