User Interface Resource Center Launches!

Adobe, Microsoft, and EffectiveUI have contributed to the launch of a really cool community site, focused on user experience and the new UX technologies. The articles and white-papers are focused more for the business managers… Adobe and Microsoft have contributed some great pieces that talk about the technologies, but geared for the “C-Level Exec” types that are looking for some ammunition to get their company on board with a more user-centric approach to their online business. 

A description from the home page:

Designing an engaging user interface dramatically enhances user experience, increases productivity, drives user adoption, and creates a sustainable competitive advantage. If your organization competes online or relies on mission critical applications, leveraging the latestRIA technologies, such as Adobe® Flex™Adobe® AIR™, andMicrosoft® Silverlight™, is essential to your success.

The User Interface Resource Center (UIRC) provides free articles and White Papers written by industry leaders about user interface design and rich Internet applications (RIAs). From business strategy and implementation to hands-on techniques, this site is packed with valuable content.

My favorite articles so far:

The Age of Experience, by Thomas Lewis from Microsoft

Check Your Ego at the Door, By Lance Christmann =from EffectiveUI

Keep on Keeping Up, by Lynda Weinman from

Eye on the User, by Jared Spool from User Interface Engineering

Technology Disrupted (the making of eBay Desktop), by Alan Lewis from eBay

Stealth Mode “Thermo” (an In-depth look ad Adobe Thermo), by Steven Heintz from Adobe


I was lucky enough to be interviewed as well for an article:

Chanting New Mantras, the value of rich internet applications


In total, there are over 30 articles and white-papers, not bad for a launch. The UIRC is still seeking opinions and insights from community contributions, so if you would like to contribute, here’s the link:

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