Forrester, eBay, Adobe, ZDNet and EffectiveUI to present at a special May 3rd RIA summit

EffectiveUI and Adobe are cosponsoring a rich Internet application event on May 3rd in Denver.

The event, titled “Unleashing the Power of Rich Internet Applications” will have an unusual “Business” spin to it. Instead of targeting developers, the event is specifically designed for managers, directors, and executives. It will not be a “roll up your sleeves and start coding” type of event, but rather a “understand how RIAs impact business” event.

The presenters include:
Ron Rogowski, Senior Analyst from Forrester
Mitch Green, Director Platform Application Strategy at Adobe
Alan Lewis, Technology Evangelist at eBay
Ryan Stewart, RIA ZDNet Writer & Blogger
Anthony Franco, me :)

Okay, here’s the best part… the event is FREE for those who register. More information, and registration links can be found here:

Hope to see you there !!!

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